The Chouest Law Firm is a general civil law firm established by Stephen M. Chouest that primarily handles accidents, insurance claims, and maritime personal injuries.  The firm is located in the heart of Metairie, Louisiana.

The Attorney-Client relationship is very special.  There are not many areas today where someone can honestly discuss things with someone else on a professional, confidential basis, without fear that this information might be disclosed or that confidentiality breached. However, a client’s conversation with their lawyer is protected by a very special privilege.  An attorney’s  communications with a client, and even communications with a potential client seeking legal representation, are protected by the attorney-client privilege, which generally allows clients to make full and honest disclosures to their lawyer on a confidential basis, so the attorney can provide effective representation and advice.

No two cases are exactly the same, and most people don’t know what to expect when they are thrown into the insurance claims world by an unexpected  accident.  The first meeting with a new client is very important.  It is important to understand some basic things that are common to all claims.  It is even more important for the professional counselor to understand the client, and to provide each client with appropriate, individual advice.

No two attorneys are alike. When meeting with my clients, we like to think about what a lay person needs to know to help them through the process.  In our first meeting, we like to learn about the client, and to explain the difference between the real world, where most people live every day, and the insurance claim world, which is often governed by a different set of rules that may not be very apparent to someone who does not deal with insurance claims on a regular basis.

In a perfect world, accidents would not occur, and insurance companies and large corporations would not plan strategies about how they can avoid payment, or attempt to pay less than they should.  However, accidents do happen, and insurance companies know how to defend and reduce the payment of claims.  Therefore, it is very important to seek timely advice from an attorney following an accident, preferably before giving a recorded statement to the insurance company or signing any of their documents.

There is no dispute, that insurance companies are in the business of making money by underwriting and managing various risks.   They train and pay their workers to look out for their interests, which generally speaking, is usually the complete opposite of your interests. Financial uncertainty and the legal process can cause stress.  Stress is bad and prolonged stress can actually weaken the immune system.  The more you learn and understand, the easier the system is to understand and the less stressful it can be.

When you decide that it’s time to contact an attorney for representation or advice, you do have a lot of choices.   If you are involved in an accident, or if you have legal questions regarding an insurance claim, we would be most honored if you would consider the Chouest Law Firm for your legal needs.

We do say Less Stress with Chouest for a reason. (Otherwise, you might not be able to pronounce the name!)